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"I have been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for over 20 years and have sought treatment with various depression medications, psychotherapy and psychiatric care. I have spent some time searching for an alternative to depression medication, and when my friend suggested acupuncture, I thought it was worth a shot. Matt Greene has worked wonders on my depression and I felt the results almost immediately after the first treatment. I was much more sociable and less moody and I became more active and focused. My therapist even commented on the change in my disposition after several weeks of acupuncture and is very pleased with my progress. The acupuncture coupled with herbal supplements that Matt has recommended has definitely given me a great way to manage my depression, drug-free. Thanks Matt!!!
Tien T. 34   Irvine
"My stomach was more relaxed so I could go to the potty."
Elijah G. 4   San Clemente
   "I met Matt Greene when visiting Burke Williams Day Spa for a deep tissue massage. Matt was the massage therapist I would be using. I was a bit embarrassed, as I had a condition (from the medication I take) that causes me to perspire all the time. I apologized to Matt for my sweaty condition and explained my embarrassing side effect from the medication. I had tried many remedies to limit the amount of sweating but nothing worked. It was an unbearable situation to be in. Matt told me he was not just a massage therapist but also an acupuncturist. He thought he could help my condition with acupuncture.
    A few weeks later after having my massage, I went to see Matt. The acupuncture procedure was painless and actually quite soothing. Within two weeks of seeing Matt twice a week for acupuncture, my sweating was 80% gone. By a couple of months of treatment my condition was totally gone except for an occasional episode. I am so thankful to have Matt come into my life and help me with this problem.
    Since those initial visits, Matt has helped me with my asthma, urticaria (hives on the skin), and overall health. He has become not only my 'fix-it' man, but a good friend too. Thank you Matt!!!"
Jennifer S.  44   Ladera Ranch
   "Matt has greatly helped with several health problems that I have. With osteoarthritis in my hands, the pain and stiffness is significantly relieved within hours of an acupuncture treatments. In addition, I have recurring post surgical (discectomy and fusion of cervical vertebrae) aches and pains in my neck shoulders and arms that are improved by his expertise in both acupuncture and massage. When lower back pain flares up,I am able to get right back up on my feet under his care. The acupuncture treatments have relieved my acid reflux to the point where I'm completely off my medication or rarely have to take it. I really look forward to my appointments with Matt - he keeps me going!"
Stephen G.  47   Rancho Santa Margarita
    "I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 11. Since then, I have had 5 major spine fusion surgeries, and a Spinal Cord Stimulator put in my back. My entire spine is fused and held together with Harrington rods and screws. I have suffered from chronic pain since I was 15 years old. I am now 30, and the one thing that helps me the most is deep tissue massage. I was very lucky to find Matt Greene. My best friend gave me a gift certificate to get a massage and after Matt gave me my first massage, I've never stopped going. I see him each week and he helps alleviate a lot of my muscle pains through his intense deep tissue work. I am able to move around better and get through the week so much better after the massage Like I said before, I am very lucky to have found Matt. It is not easy finding someone to give you the right massage that your body needs."
Sally B.  30   San Clemente
    "I hurt my back 26 years ago and have suffered ever since. I have exercised and stretched daily but with little relief. Invasive surgery does not appeal to me so I decided to try alternative medicine. Matt's acupuncture, massage and his amazing Acutron machine have done more to relieve my daily discomfort than anything else. I can do things now that I haven't been able to do years. Matt is a great young man with a wonderful healing touch."
Larry H   63   Lake Forest
    "After five months of being unable to turn my head to the side after neck surgery, it did not occur to me to think "acupuncture". I originally went to Matt Greene, thinking that the massage would help and perhaps the acupuncture wouldn't hurt (too badly). The first session left me more flexible than I had been in six months. After several sessions, I could move my head/neck easily, turn and look over my shoulders (a plus for the drivers around me), and sleep without pain. I've been a fan ever since. I now rely on Matt and acupuncture to address many other health - and stress - issues. He has a gift for assessing where the issue is and finding the best solution. Oh, and by the way, the needles didn't hurt either. Go see Matt and find out what a great massage therapist and gifted acupuncturist can do for you.
Jim M.  43   Ladera Ranch
    "I originally started seeing Matthew for my back. I was suffering from chronic back pain and back problems. I visited a chiropractor very regularly. After some treatments from Matthew I started to see the chiropractor less and less, and now I no longer see him at all and very rarely have any back pain. Matthew has been able to relieve me of pain and stiffness in my neck (which has degenerative joint disease, DJD). I have come to him when I can barely turn my head, and within the hour my neck is more mobile and the pain significantly decreased. Usually by the end of the day, I am back to normal. I also see him for migraines, which are a difficult problem to control. I see a neurologist who is happy that I'm seeing Matthew to help with the pain. He has relieved most of my migraines without any of my pain medications. Thanks so much, Matthew.
Sandi S. 63   Lake Forest
    "My husband and I have enjoyed and benefited from massage for many years. We have tried many different therapists all over the world. Some were good, and others not so good. After meeting Matt Greene at the Burke Williams Spa in Mission Viejo, we were delighted to find that he had an office in San Clemente where we live.
      Matt is without a doubt the finest massage therapist we have ever used. Not only an outstanding professional, he is also a kind and considerate person.
      Because of Matt we have tried acupuncture for the first time and found it to be very beneficial. We were amazed at the level of education that is required to be a licensed acupuncturist as well as a massage therapist. Matt has spent many years perfecting his craft and it is clear that he is an expert.
      The only problem we have is that we enjoy his massages so much, we find it difficult to choose between massage and acupuncture! We highly recommend Matt for either treatment."
Marilyn and Paul W.   San Clemente
    "Matt Greene has changed my life in so many ways. I came to Matt with a long list of chronic issues including severe joint pain resulting from an auto immune disease, back pain from auto accidents, chronic headaches, female issues (irregular menstruation, annovulation, and fertility issues). Matt was not overwhelmed by my long list, but rather viewed it as a new challenge and couldn't wait to get started on me. Matt is humble, understanding, knowledgeable, and has an empathetic listening style which made me feel so comfortable to discuss everything with him. I noticed results of the acupuncture almost immediately. My headaches were less frequent and severe, and my sleep was better than it had been in years. Over time, the symptoms from my auto immune disease started dissipating and my "flare-ups" became more mild and few and far between.
     After a few months of working with Matt, I was feeling so good that I requested we begin to put a strong focus on my fertility issues. After many years of being on birth control pills, having hormonal imbalances, along with a lack of ovulation, I was told that achieving pregnancy would be incredibly difficult if not impossible and I was not given any other option than rounds of strong fertility drugs with little hope or promise of positive results.After working with cold and insensitive Western fertility doctors I knew that for me, using the harsh drugs was something I reserved as a very last hope. Not one doctor I visited was interested in getting to the root of the problems. They were just interested in masking the problems with drugs. I wanted to know why my body was not functioning properly and fix it from the root rather than putting band-aids over the problems. I sought help from Matt and with his expert advise changed my lifestyle to decrease stress and adjusted my diet and exercise program. Matt was honest with me and told me that it may take up to a year and possibly longer to get my body functioning at a level ready to support a pregnancy.
     I was shocked and excited when only a few short months after focusing on my fertility issues, my body started responding to the treatments. For the first time I had hope that my husband and I could start the family we always dreamed of. I started ovulating more and more regularly and was able to have normal menstrual cycles. I charted my basal body temperature during this time to track my ovulation cycles (which had ceased to exist prior to treatment) and each month they became more and more normal. I was shocked and elated when only a few months after starting the fertility treatments, I discovered I was pregnant! My husband and I are expecting our first child. Matt was also a lifesaver during the first trimester of pregnancy when I experienced severe morning sickness. He kept me feeling strong, healthy and energetic while being pregnant.
     Matt has helped me in so many more ways than I ever thought he could. He even helped my husband with his energy and focus. My husband said that after being treated by Matt that he was able to focus for long periods of time in meetings st work and that his energy and sleep were greatly improved.
Stephanie A.  30   San Clemente
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