SereneQi Acupuncture - "Health Through Balance"
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Auricular Acupuncture:
  The placement of very small, thin needles in certain points in the ear which correspond to different areas of the body. This is extremely effective in the treatment of any addiction (alcohol, smoking, food, etc.) This is also a great way to increase the effectiveness of any Traditional Acupuncture treatment.
Balance Method Acupuncture:
    This is a different style of acupuncture where the needles are placed farther away from the site of the pain. Almost all of the needles are placed out on the four limbs and the patient is treated lying face up.
Needle-Free MicroCurrent Electro-Acupuncture:
   This cutting-edge treatment is totally painless, quick, and incredibly effective. The treatment consists of using microcurrent electricity conducted through two probes. The level of electricity used during a microcurrent treatment is extremely low and very close to the level that is constantly flowing through your body at all times. This makes the treatment very gentle and easy to handle. Using these probes to administer the therapeutic electricity to the injured tissue results in a dramatic reduction of pain and inflammation, as well as improved bloodflow and range of motion. This same machine (the Acutron Mentor) allows us to use colored light along with the electricity to increase the effectiveness of the therapy.
Your body accepts the different colored light into the tissue and responds accordingly (blue light for anti-inflammation, red light for increased circulation).
     This is the warming of certain acupoints by burning moxa on or near the skin. This increases circulation in the area as well as adding warm, Yang energy to the body.
     This is the application of suction cups to areas of pain, and energetic stagnation. This treatment dramatically improves circulation to the area as well as removing toxins stuck deep in the tissue.
Chinese Herbal Medicine:
     We maintain a full pharmacy of Chinese Herbal Granules. These are powdered herbal
extracts that can be mixed together to create individualized formulas. We also offer a full line of Pediatric Herbal Formulas in a liquid glycerin base to be administered through a small dropper. Children don't mind the taste as it is kind of sweet and they're incredibly effective at keeping your kids off antibiotics.
Energy-Light Facial Rejuvenation:
     This is a non-surgical facelift utilizing microcurrent and color-light technologies. Using the two microcurrent probes muscles are re-educated to firm up the tone of the face and skin. The color-light is used to create cellular responses within the skin itself. Different colors are used for individual needs according to your skin type and facial needs. Some of the benefits include:  encourages collagen production
                                  smooths fine lines and wrinkles
                                  improves skin texture
                                  firms skin tone
                                 diminishes blemishes and breakouts
                                 minimizes puffiness
     All of this without needles, surgery, redness, flaking, downtime, or discomfort.
   We offer a full range of massage services to meet your specific needs. These include: Swedish, Tui-Na (Chinese-style massage to balance Qi flow), and Deep Tissue. 90, 60, and 30 minute appointments available.
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